Our Columbarium is a group of small compartments designed to hold the cremated remains of loved ones. It is a place of remembrance, contemplation, meditation and prayer.

Our columbarium will provide comfort to families knowing that their loved one rests within the church grounds. It is a way our church can care for it’s members from birth and baptism through death and eternal life.

It offers a practical and comfortable way to make advance plans, relieving the surviving family of difficult decisions.

It is theologically sound and environmentally friendly.

St. Paul’s members and their families as well as former members and friends of the congregation are eligible for inurnment. The Pastor and governing committee are authorized to decide on eligibility.

Remains are inurned in the columbarium during a committal service performed by the Pastor.

We are accepting applications.
Please call the church office at 610-385-6616 for more information.​