Join us Friday, May 1, 2020 for an evening of fun, fellowship and excitement!
We will have over 100 creatively-themed baskets on display, which have been generously donated by our church members and local businesses.
Enter to win your favorites!
We appreciate your support of this event, which continues to grow each year!
Join the fun!
Admission begins at 6:15 pm.
So as not to be inconvenienced, please do not arrive prior to this time.
Entrance to the building will not begin prior to 6:15 pm.
It is necessary for our doors to remain locked for the safety and security of the children who attend St. Paul's Child Development Center.

The first ticket drawings begin at 7:15 pm.
One sheet of 25 tickets is $7.
Three sheets (75 tickets) are $20.
Tickets may be purchased in advance before and after Church Worship Services,
weekdays in our church office,
or at the door the evening of the event.
Free admission and complimentary dessert break.

Our Basket Social is one of our most popular and successful events, raising funds to help our Child Development Center.
Held the first Friday each May, our Fellowship Hall is lined with tables filled with creatively-themed baskets. Attendees purchase tickets to enter to win their favorites. 
It is an evening of excitement, fellowship and laughter!
Thank you to everyone who has attended and supported the event.